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Hi to all, well I was very ocupated studing and practice Aikido now I'm purple belt ^^, but now I must to come back to make a new brushes for you! now I'm thinking in make brushes for ilistrator too
have I nice day, and drink coca cola and u gonna live 100 years O.o hahaha
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Well, I'm now studing I feel a little extrange 'cause I think that I don't have a good Idea for make a new brushes, but the new brushes are comming soon, now I study in univercity is a diferent life and some times I don't have time

byeee !!! :S
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Hi to everywhere, I want to apologize with all the people for the tutorial, I have some problems (Familiar) and I can finish de tutorial still, I only wait that you understand me please the tutorial IS GONNA BE READY BEFORE 1ST OF MARCH

Thanks for all for the compresion
Have a good day


Edwin Cuadros Juarez
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The tutorial is comming but not for 5 of january I believe the tutorial be ready for 12 of this month thanks for the comprencion and have a nice day !
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1st: I'm so happy 'cause I enter to the univercity to PUBLICITY AND MULTIMEDY

2ND: I gonna make the tutorial only 'cause the persons that comment is very cool :p

3rd: The tutorial will be ready for 1-5 of January 2009

Thanks to all! have nice christmas and happy new year!!
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Hi there!

Well I doed a journal before but only 10 persons comment and I only want 50 persons comment, well ... This days, more or less 9 persons add me to my mail and say "I wanna the tutorial please do it..."
AND I SAY "COMMENT" don't add me, well I only want 30 comments=30 persons NO 30 comments where I comment the middle
I believe that is posible, I read journals about "MY DOG IS SAD" and this journal have 83 comments, I understand why?!!!

Well only comment and have a nice day!
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Well..:no: Only was 20 comments the tutorial is closed for a time...

I'm going to do :new: brushes with a diferent BG, 'cause some people thinks "This effect is so bored, the ligh is so easy (but I don't understand why? they don't doed...) well Now I make a new brushes with a new diferent BG(Background)

:bounce:And this week or the next week I'll have a subcription!!! only for 3 monts :headbang:

Well is all,

Enjoy your life... is only one in the live
Life in Armony with a Coca cola and Pizza:slow:

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Hello everybody!!!
I was thinking to make new brushes with more glow!!xD like

:bulletblack::star:Unreal Brushes Volumenes:star:

:bulletblack::star:Sui Generis Brushes Volumenes:star:

But TOO make brushes artisticals because I don't found that brushes, so I did it! My artist Brother help me, he studied 5 years in a Artists School of my city He is PLASTIC ARTIST and he is very happy to help me  and the results is

:bulletblack::star:Tree Brushes Volumenes:star:

Now I'm thinking in make a TUTORIAL about GLOW
:typerhappy: Comment! :typerhappy:

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